What's in your bucket?

Lanesboro 2020 Bucket List Challenge

After hearing your voices (thoughts, ideas, concerns and wishes) we have devised a game to drive more customers through your business doors in 2020. Please meet "The Lanesboro Bucket List Challenge:"

Bucket List Form (front)
Bucket List Passport Category Stickers

We have started our rigorous marketing efforts to get the public to participate, and would appreciate encouragement from you as you see customers taking part!

Throughout 2020, you will have visitors to your business that are looking for stamps to complete their Lanesboro Bucket List Challenge (available in the Lanesboro Visitor Guide, or as stand-alone digital version to view and download). Participants are challenged with visiting 16 different Chamber of Commerce businesses, with a limit of 3 businesses in each category.

Starting in 2020 and moving forward, your business is identified in our print and digital materials by unique three-digit ID number(s) (see here in our 2020 Map - this designation will help us and you in our marketing initiatives - more about it in another article).

If you have multiple Chamber of Commerce Memberships, you will get stickers representing each category. For example, The Cedar Valley Resort will receive Lodging, Shopping, Outdoor Recreation, and Events stickers for their different memberships. If you have any questions about your specific membership, please reach out to us.

When approached by Sticker Seekers, we ask that you stick the sticker into their passport and write your Unique ID number on the sticker, next to the # sign. (Now smile 😁)

Bucket List Form (back)

The challenge runs through the calendar year of 2020, and completed forms should be turned into the Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce or to participating businesses. Forms are due back to the Chamber office by January 1, 2021.

Please encourage both visitors and residents to play. Heck-gosh-darn, there are so many things that we take for granted if we live here, so challenge yourself to visit places you haven't been to as well!

Visit https://lacc.mn/blc2020 for information from the participant-perspective.

Here are a few more important pieces of the Challenge:

  • The Grand Prize is a weekend package for 2 in Lanesboro. Up to 3 runner-up prizes will be given away. This is not an ORDINARY WEEKEND PACKAGE HOWEVER: the Grand Prize Winner will be entitled to BUILD THEIR OWN PACKAGE (a.k.a Bucket List) from the following categories: (1) Where To Stay; (2) Where to Eat; (3) What do Do (does this sound familiar? look at the lanesboro.com navigation menu 😎) Will you consider sponsoring the prizes? Sponsorships do not guarantee or determine grand prize winner choice. We'll announce the sponsorship options shortly - stay tuned!

  • Participants must be 18 or older.

  • No purchase is necessary in order to receive a sticker. We're simply getting people through your doors (if we were to require a purchase, it would become a raffle...another bucket of worms)

  • If you own a lodging business, your guests get 2 stickers for their overnight stay.

Official BLC2020 Rules are here »

Nitty Gritty - Marketing & (cross) Promotion Tools

We have and are preparing ways for you to tap along and successfully promote your business during the 2020 Bucket List Challenge. As the list below is updated, you will receive email notifications.


Fill out this form if you need to order or refill any of the following:

  • Passport Category Stickers for Sticker Seekers;

  • 3" Promotional Circle Coaster Cards (pictured). How to use it? Lay on your counter, use as a coaster at a table, or as a striking conversation starter - however you use it - let the town see it. Order Free if you are part of any 2020 CoOp Advertising Opportunity. Refills available monthly.

  • Transparent Square Window Decal (pictured) - order 5" ($5) or 8" ($10). FYI: yes, these decals have an expiration date: they are for 2020 season only.

5" or 8" square transparent Window Decal
3" Promotional Circle Coaster Card

Video & Digital

  • 15 sec Video Production: the goal is to capture you in front of your business/work, naturally saying the following: "Hello - My name is {...} I am {Lanesboro/Whalan} Resident and [Owner/Manager/Director, etc.] of {...} . What's on YOUR Bucket List?" -- we will announce the scheduling - stay tuned!

  • Spread the word - place BLC2020 Logo on your website! You will receive an email with a html code that can be placed anywhere on your website: i.e. at the bottom or top, left or right, or in a blog to your customers. The cool part: the logo code is customized to your business (remember the unique Business ID?) and we will be able to collect the necessary digital traffic intel.