Celebrating 28 years ◎ 1995 - 2023

"To serve the community by making Lanesboro Area the best place to visit, live, work and play."

Our Purpose

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center is the voice of the Lanesboro area business community, with the purpose to serve as a catalyst for economic vitality by providing advocacy, information and services to its Members AND to promote the City of Lanesboro and Lanesboro Area as a desirable place to visit, live, work and play.

LACC Mission & Values (pdf)

Our Values


The Lanesboro Chamber was established in 1995 as Agriculture, Commerce & Tourism Association (ACT) and renamed in 2002 to The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center (LACC)

Today, LACC is a 100+ member-based non-profit 501c(6) organization which is open to individual supporting members, non-profit members and businesses through an annual dues investment. Along with looking out for the business needs of our members, the Chamber also operates Visitor Center, ensuring that local businesses benefit from visitors and tourism activities.

Board of Directors and Committees

Except as otherwise provided in the Chamber Bylaws, all executive authority, management, and control of the property, business and activities of the Chamber is delegated to and vested in a Board of Directors. Board structure and terms are specified in the Chamber Bylaws.

The Board of Directors is the policy making body of the Chamber. It represents a broad cross section of the business and professional leadership of the community and is elected by the membership through a nomination process and ratified by the Board. It should be considered an honor to serve on the Board, albeit this is not honorary position. 

The Board elects the Executive Committee (BOD Officers). Meeting frequency and specifics of each of the governing boards is outlined in the Chamber’s Bylaws.

LACC Committees, called internally "Talent Teams" are Standing Committees as defined in bylaws (Art. VIII, B.) and are defined annually. Members in good standing are eligible as committee members for the Chamber.

Through committees of volunteers from membership, the Chamber implements and achieves its goals. 

The committee serves as the clearinghouse for all suggestions and ideas referred by the officers and the Board of Directors, members and others, concerning priorities which are or should be receiving active attention of the Chamber. Suggestions are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. Committees are action oriented under the direction of the Board. 

Chamber Funding

The Chamber depends on multiple sources to fund its operations, including:

Affiliation with other organizations

LACC maintains partnership with local government, state and county institutions, including city of Lanesboro, city of Whalan, Lanesboro Economic Development Authority; local business groups: Lanesboro Downtown Business Promotion Group and Lanesboro Lodging Group; and is a member of the following organizations:

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Deconstructing Chamber's World. One Piece at a Time (pdf / LACC Awareness Campaign Editorial, Fillmore County Journal, Dec 14, 2020)

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