Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Do you believe collaboration is founded on generosity, sharing and openness?

  • Do you believe in creating a lasting value?

  • Do you dare to dream, embrace risks, and are not afraid to be wrong?

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center (lanesboro.com) is a nonprofit organization located in “Southeast Minnesota’s little gem of a town,” that has celebrated its 150th birthday in 2019. Our office wears many hats - both the ideation and the execution end; together with the Board of Directors, Volunteers and Lanesboro Community we promote the Lanesboro area as a desirable place to live, work, visit, and operate a business.

If you enjoy a public service, challenge and opportunity to be creative; have a knack at supporting others; see a bigger picture beyond job description; are motivated and hungry to make a difference, and if committed, you see things through until the end -- please review the openings below, and -- if we still have your attention -- please drop us a note - tell a "little" about you and we can set up time to talk more.

Current Job Openings:

Virtual Assitant (VA) - "Hybrid Gig" »

Work from home to support Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce with daily administrative tasks and schedules. This hybrid position merges duties described in Office Administrator (OA) and Visitor Center Receptionist (VCR) that can be accomplished remotely. Read more »

Seasonal: Visitor Center Receptionist (VCR) »

Provide the ideal visitor experience in person, on the phone or through written communications. Read more »

Office Administrator (OA) »

Responsible for the efficient and effective day-to-day functioning of the Chamber office and its related activities. The position is primarily administrative in nature, but includes significant elements of work in public relations, communications with the public and information/member service areas. Read more »