Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center (lanesboro.com) is a nonprofit organization located in “Southeast Minnesota’s little gem of a town,” that has celebrated its 150th birthday in 2019. Our office wears many hats - both the ideation and the execution end; together with the Board of Directors, Volunteers and Lanesboro Community we promote the Lanesboro area as a desirable place to live, work, visit, and operate a business.

If you enjoy public service, challenge and opportunity to be creative; have a knack at supporting others; see a bigger picture beyond job description; are motivated and hungry to make a difference, and if committed, you see things through until the end --  please review the openings below, and -- if we still have your attention -- please drop us a note - tell a "little" about you and we can set up time to talk more.