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Twin Cities Advertorials Print Campaign

‼️⏱ IMPORTANT: Commitment Deadline - Thursday, March 5th, 2020 ⏱‼️

Commit to this Bundle of 2 Magazines for $170 by March 5th AND get placement AT NO ADDITIONAL COST in all 2020 Advertorials!

It means that if this Advertorial is published in an additional magazine(s) in 2020, it will be FREE to you.

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Breaking News -- February 28, 2020

Advertorials are back!

As part of our "surgical approach to households in Target Cities, we have the opportunity to work (again) with Minnesota Monthly, and - new this year - Minneapolis City Pages' Summer Outdoor Issue.

Our Writers' Super Team (Steve Harris and Alison Leathers & always watchful Bailey Otto - thank you all!! 🙏 😍) are already diligently working on 2020 article.

To recap the concept: Instead of a common, mainstream ad, we use an article page, where we list events, and sponsoring businesses within the copy - for a reader, it will look like a story in the magazine they are reading - those of you familiar with David Ogilvy will remember his famous, rule-breaking (at that time) ads

BUNDLE OPPORTUNITY (LACC negotiated value):

  • Minnesota Monthly May/June Issue: $3,200 ($6,300 value). Includes: 1 Full page advertorial, PLUS feature article (MNMO writer will be reaching out to us to include both comments as well as photos within the story -- for reference, please see attached pictures from last year) PLUS a spot in their (hic!) Summer Bucket List 2020 Insert
  • Minneapolis City Pages Summer Outdoor Edition: $1,500 ($2,200 value). Includes 2-page spread (page 1: advertorial, page 2: Lanesboro 2020 Events - for reference, please see attached pictures from Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA last year issue) PLUS a digital ad (30,000 impressions on
Our cost: $4,700 ($8500 value) 

To make this financially and mutually beneficial, if we can top or surpass the unprecedented participation from last year (27 businesses/sponsors), each of us will pay $170 (BUNDLE of TWO Magazines!) - the more businesses we get on board, the price will start to drop (ex. 30 businesses = price drops to $156). ROI on it from value and exposure perspective is high.

Optionally, for additional $50, you will be named in our "Promotional Support" Sponsor area (see picture) IN CITY PAGES OUTDOOR ISSUE (2-page Spread with Calendar of Events)

There is more: in 2019 we republished our article in Fillmore County Journal, Iowa's Waterloo-Cedar Falls Summer issue and Iowa Sportsman -- by committing to this Bundle of 2 Magazines for $170 by March 5th, you will get placement AT NO ADDITIONAL COST in all 2020 Advertorials (= this means, if this Bundle Article/Advertorial runs in an additional magazine/s in 2020, it will appear FREE OF CHARGE).

‼️⏱ DEADLINE: THU, MARCH 5th! ⏱‼️

Please spread the word and act swiftly!

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