CoOP Advertising

Member-Only Advertising Opportunities

The Advantages of Cooperative Advertising

One of many LACC Business Membership Benefits is the privilege for Members to band together and participate in Cost Sharing Programs.

Consider two advantages of using cooperative advertising when putting together your next marketing plan:

  • Financial: Lower your advertising costs by sharing with others. For example, by teaming with others, you can participate in full- or multi-page ads in prominent magazines, such as Minnesota Monthly. Sharing costs means that you are only responsible for a small amount of the overall price, but benefit from the exposure offered by a full-page ad.

  • Exposure: The financial benefit of the coop advertising program allows you to spread your investment dollars to more advertising outlets, increasing the number of people that see your company's ad. Plus, teaming with us, you benefit from our marketing strengths, and you often become characters used in the creative story telling of our writers and neighbors, Steve Harris, Alison Leathers, Cindy Cordes-Eversole and others.


Please keep in mind, we're still working in an unpredictable time, with unpredictable circumstances. More than ever, you can expect last-minute, short notice, nimble and spontaneous advertising (see: Impromptu Opportunities), in contrast to planned opportunities with plenty time to sign up (see: Core Opportunities).

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Early Bird Specials:

  • Qualified Members who paid 2021 Memberships dues early, receive 5% of their total invoice amount towards any 2021 COOP Marketing Campaigns.

  • NEW-IN-TOWN Members - (LACC Member that opened doors in 2020) receive 30% OFF on all 2021 COOP Marketing Campaigns

2021 Co-Op Ad Roster


  • 🐣 ⏱ Rochester Area Visitor Print Campaign (CC.RCH.VISITOR2021)** »

  • 🐣 ⏱ Rochester Skyway/Subway Digital Ad Campaign (CC.RCH.SKY2021)** »

  • 🐣 ⏱ MPR Rochester Area On-Air Broadcast Campaign (CC.AIR.MPR2021)** »

** Campaign nitty-gritty in progress. Details to be announced shortly.

2021 Results:

2021 Impromptu

Last-minute, short notice, nimble and spontaneous advertising opportunities will be posted here and announced via Direct Email to all Members.