Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Lanesboro area business community, advocating for business growth and development, promoting our community and encouraging civic vitality.

LACC Purpose

The purpose of Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce is to serve as a catalyst for economic vitality by providing advocacy, information and services to its Members and to promote City of Lanesboro & Area as a desirable place to visit, work and live.

Mission / Vision

  • To advance the civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, cultural, environmental, and recreational interests of the City of Lanesboro and its residents;
  • To ensure cooperation among Lanesboro area businesses and community organizations;
  • To work to retain, expand, and develop beneficial Lanesboro area businesses;

LACC Values

  • Business Driven: The Chamber has businesses as its members and will be driven by their needs and interests.
  • Excellence: The Chamber is committed to excellence and will seek to reflect that in all we do. We want all associated with our organization to be proud of the work that we do.
  • Fiscally Responsible: The Chamber will manage its funds in a responsible manner to ensure that it has the resources to accomplish its mission and to undertake new projects as the opportunities arise.
  • Leadership: The Chamber will build on its history by continuing to be an organization that provides leadership to our community in addressing both the challenges we face and the opportunities we have.


[content review pending 2020]

The Chamber is a 143 member-based organization which is open to individual supporting members, non-profit members and businesses through an annual dues investment. The Chamber strengthens the community by identifying needs and opportunities.

Through committees of volunteers from membership, the Chamber implements and achieves its goals. The Chamber oversees the Lanesboro Visitor Center and employs two part-time staff and one Director. A 9-member volunteer Board of Directors governs the Chamber and works to improve the community and the area's business climate.

2020 Organizational Structure (pdf)

LACC 2020 Calendar

  • Monthly Meetings:
  • 2021 Annual Meeting:
    • 6pm Wednesday, January 20 -- if bad weather: January 27
  • 2021 Board Retreat:
    • 9am Wednesday, February 24

LACC Committees

LACC Committees, called internally "Talent Teams" are Standing Committees as defined in bylaws (Art. VIII, B.) and are defined annually.

Executive Committee handles the overall administration, structure, staffing, and documentation (e.g. constitution, mission) that guides the organization. Executive Committee can make emergency decisions and to take care of issues that arise between board meetings. The executive committee is composed of the elected officers.

Finance Committee oversees the treasury of the organization, as well as its financial instruments, budgets, controls and reports. It is chaired by the elected treasurer. It submits a proposed annual budget for board approval, and may undertake fund raising projects.

Membership Committee targets audiences for membership, successfully enrolling new members while retaining current members. It regularly reviews the organization’s membership strategies and coordinates the tangible and intangible benefits that members receive by joining and supporting the organization.

Marketing Committee handles communications to the targeted audiences of the organization: (1) members, (2) prospects, (3) allied organizations, (4) government, and (5) general public. Responsible for annual marketing plan, reviewing and updating publications and acquiring meaningful articles for the newsletter, maintains magazines and other communication tools that reach members and prospects.

Community Committee initiates ways to be a Fun City and Good Neighbor. Networking and Socializing, Volunteer Recognition, Beautification. Implements programs to recognize members who contribute beyond the usual efforts.

WHo's WHO (2020)


OFFICERS (» email Executive Team)

  • Hal Cropp (2022) - President
Commonweal Theatre
  • Alison Leathers (2021) - VP, Marketing Team Lead
Cottage House Inn
  • Laryssa Hanson (2020) - Treasurer, Finance Team Lead
Merchants Bank
  • Matt Schultz (2022) - Secretary
Lanesboro Public Schools


  • Joe Goetzke (2022)
Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
  • Therese Graner (2020), Membership Team Lead
Lanesboro Resident
  • Louanne Hamann (2021)
High Court Pub
  • Don Lukkason (2022)
Commonweal Theatre
  • Kara Maloney (2021) - Treasurer In Training, Community Team Lead
Lanesboro Arts
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  • Andrzej (ahn-jay) Zalasinski, Jr., Executive Director


  • Bailey Otto
  • Ann Thatcher


Complete 2020 LACC Board & Staff Contact Sheet (pdf)


FINANCE Talent Team (email)

  • Laryssa Hanson, Team Lead
  • Hal Cropp
  • Kara Maloney

MEMBERSHIP Talent Team (email)

  • Therese Graner, Team Lead
  • Don Lukkason

MARKETING / TECH Talent Team (email)

  • Alison Lethers, Team Lead
  • Joe Goetzke

COMMUNITY Talent Team (email)

  • Kara Maloney, Team Lead
  • Matt Schultz
  • Louanne Hamann


to be announced