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Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce

#1 Myth: "You won't have to do anything when you get on the board."

Congratulations and THANK YOU! You've been chosen for a valuable volunteer position - Chamber Board Member. Service on the Board of Directors is an important honor and responsibility. Much is expected of officers and the governing Board of the Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce. The membership of the Chamber relies on its officers and the Board to act in its best interests, to be knowledgeable, proactive, a good steward of the resources of the Chamber, and to be honest and trustworthy in all actions.

Check the tools and resources below that will be a key in helping you during your leadership term.

Board Activities in 2020 Fiscal Year

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Board ToolBox 2020

Check Essential Documents Resource (pdf) for more information

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Collection of educational materials & resourcesUnedited transcripts or recordings from sessions, conferences, etc.

Templates / Forms

These are MS Word Template Documents (.dotx) that can be downloaded and installed on your system

Video Conferencing

Through our Vonage Telephony System we have a complimentary access to Amazon Chime »

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(Budget vs. Actuals FY 2019 Comparison to PY 2018 + Budget 2020)

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